heating up

garden bounty

In just 30 minutes, my tee shirt was soaked with sweat this morning despite it only being 6:30 in the morning. Humidity is at 87% but it feels much higher, and with temperatures in the 90’s the heat index will cook the garden this afternoon. I am using some clay water spikes with upended recycled bottles of water to try to keep the roots watered. The tomatoes and peppers, especially the ancho and jalepeno types, are sluggishly producing still, there are a few skinny eggplants left, and one enormous to-be-later-stuffed zuchinni, lots of basil and oregano. The artichokes are putting off new leaves. The strawberries are done. The hummingbirds even seem more sluggish as they buzz in and out the gladiolus. Forget weeding much lately- I just can’t stay out there long enough to tackle much. This is zone 8b with super alkaline soils that make raised beds and container gardening the best solution. I planted a few presoaked yard long beans, okra and aramanth to take over where the wax and kentucky pole beans are petering out. Thinking about maybe some baby pumpkins too. If anyone has any gardening tips, I’d love to hear what has worked for you.