new worries, old chemicals

I recently went to see the movie “Dark Waters”. If you haven’t yet, please do and soon. The story is based on the real struggle of a lawyer against Dupont- a struggle that continues on many fronts but largely away from public view. It’s not exciting news. It’s difficult and depressing and mind boggling astounding. The thought that this company knew that some of its product line was hazardous to all, knew for decades, and yet continued to put on the happy face while collecting billions. That was the hardest thing for me to get past. After all, companies are made of human beings. Sigh. And if there is even one company that would be willing to count income over lives, then there are surely others. Oversight is largely by the companies themselves. I haven’t had a teflon pan in ages. Telfon though is still in production and still used in other items. This is just one such chemical that pervades our lives. There are many, many more that should be removed from production. I much more skeptical that the packaging and wrapping could ever be without cost. Over time, I have tried to reduce my plastics in general. No one needs microplastics. No one needs this continued production of things that will continue to haunt our environment for decades to come.