How to buy a dictionary

I am motorboating

In deep green


I have learnt

Can control

with no ergonomics in mind

I shall

give you my finest

Tag, break it down to some kinda


Swallow, then sip, say something silent

Ssshh- I have a forked tongue

For me, the bling is not quite so



Just let me be


Double speaking coke vs pespi

Choose your own poisonous sugar

Babe, he says,

I haven’t even yet begun

To slake my thirst

Just bring on the water

Let me lie against this cool


Is precious

Language lies you know

so please

Return to the index

page on through

until you find the defined place

That one truth


light strategically maps the hollow places, where ghosts are safely inebriated morning, a blade to the skin, sharpening feeling how sharp must thought become before a second slicing these mental pins, immediate and unkind pierce confidence we still tender our pieces, and title them special, above what archeologist will come and cut them down drinking their coffee black and making up entries to explain what is found

laundering divinity

This refuge does not come cheaply

None ever do

The deity that require palms upraised

claims this is towards some unseen nuturing

There are no white horses here

The grazing ground is barren

Here ashes have settled

and my skin is left to its cold marble finish

Polish me then

with those beggared beliefs

My hope is my weakest link

and moves through me like a predator

breaking the sterility of my thoughts

with one bright fruit

I am imperiled though all over again

What strange sighs would move the heart then

Evermore a sinner

with celebration moving forward

remorse to bring all

closer to an end