The Flavor Thesaurus

I enjoy collecting cookbooks, especially those that are part travelougue and culture commentary. My latest addition, “The Flavor Thesaurus” by Niki Segnit is though more akin to a painter’s wheel reference and may be more on my bedside reading table versus my kitchen. Instead of a step by step guide to kitchen cookery, ingredients are broken down into flavor profiles. An example would be of Earthy being mushrooms, eggplant, Cumin, beets, potato and celery. I have combined mushrooms and eggs but hadn’t considered mushrooms with apricots. There are suggestions of recipes but little instruction. This is the way my Grandmother often cooked, pulling things out of the pantry and refrigerator and measuring by eye and hand. This is more a meditation of intuitive cooking versus a how to guide. I found for instance, my beloved avocado, under the green and grassy profile. Some combinations then suggested I had already tried- avocado with bacon, with blue cheese, with chili or tomatoes. But how about avocado with coffee? I am looking forward to the experiments this book evokes.

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